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The following are examples of freshwater & saltwater aquarium systems.
These samples can replicated by Wet Pets and may be used as ideas and/or guidelines for public, business or private use.

Type: Saltwater Reef Tank
300 gallon acrylic
Special Features:
Built into wall w/metal halide lighting

Type: Saltwater Reef Tank
700 gallon custom created acrylic tank
Special Features:
custom cabinetry built into kitchen cabinetry in a private home

Type: Saltwater Marine Aquarium
600 gallon custom made glass tank
Special Features:
custom cabinetry
viewable from 2 sides

Type: Freshwater Aquarium
65 gallon glass tank
Special features:
stand & canopy in walnut oak stain
painted back of tank

Type: Saltwater Aquariums
Two 150 gallon glass aquariums
Special Features:
custom made stand and canopy
Displays built into a public bar
Note: The two pictures below are featured in this bar display

Saltwater Reef Tank
150 gallon
  Saltwater Marine aquarium
150 gallon
  * see picture & description above for details  

Type: Saltwater Shark Display
300 gallon glass tank
Special Features:
custom made stand and canopy
Island View tank- viewable from 3 sides

Type: Freshwater Display
38 gallon glass aquarium
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